About the hotel


宇野港のすぐ近く、築港商店街の中に間口が狭く細長い うなぎの寝床 のような敷地のいちばん奥に 「o’ku」 はあります。uno nido と共通の玄関を入り廊下を通り抜け、中庭のさらにその奥に築年数もわからない小さな木造2階建ての建物があり、その 1階部分 に 1部屋だけの小さなホテル としての機能を再構築しました。壁や床の柔らかな質感、それとは相反する凛とした空気感。翳を浴び、光の粒を浴びる体験。風が通り抜けるのを目にし耳を澄ましてください。

o’ku は「空」の意味を内包します。この場所では、今この瞬間、目にするもの、耳にするもの、感じることが全て「色」であり「空」であることを気づかせてくれます。


o’ku is located in the innermost part of the site which is deep to the back with a narrow frontage – just like an eel bed – on Chikko Shopping Street near Uno Port. Entering the common entrance with uno nido and passing through the corridor, behind the courtyard is the small two-storied wooden building of unknown age. The ground floor of this building has been restructured as a small hotel with only one room. Unlike the rough texture of concrete and wood at uno nido, o’ku offers the soft texture of the walls and floor, and the dignified atmosphere which is contrary to that. Experience bathing in shadows and grains of light. Watch the wind blow through and hear the real sound.

The word o’ku also means “emptiness”. It is a space that reminds us that what we see, hear, and feel in the present moment are all forms and emptiness at the same time.

Stay here as a base for access to Naoshima and Teshima, or to Okayama and Kurashiki, or for a stroll in the port town of Uno. In addition, we would like you to experience our architectural space itself. Ease yourself of a daily burden, rest your body, and surrender yourself to the space where you can calm your mind.